Using pop culture to create social good


Individual Clients

Empowering and advising clients on their personal philanthropic strategies

Corporate Clients

Facilitating cause-marketing partnerships and programs, and providing counsel on community affairs activities within companies


Helping artists, athletes, and companies create momentum for positive social change

Social Impact Philanthropy

Consulting for high-net-worth individuals and corporations to establish or improve their social impact


Community Work

Using the agency's resources to assist with the practical needs of global communities and nonprofit organizations

Task Force

Activating the power of CAA's staff to create a network of the next generation of volunteers and community leaders

Holiday Season

Creating a project-related, donation gift that is shared with our clients and friends at the end of each year

Employee Committees

Bringing together affiliate groups within and across the agency's employee base

Take Action

Gun Policy
Take Action Day

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Coming Soon

Social Justice
Refugee Take Action

Our Team

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